[TYPO3-english] huge Realurl and cache db tables!!!

Dmitry Martynenko dima at realt.by
Mon Feb 2 14:26:29 CET 2009

Hi stefano,

sc> i was just wondering if it's normal that realurl has so many big
sc> tables (for a medium size website):

sc> tx_realurl_chashcache 276,825 rows - 26Mb
sc> tx_realurl_urlencodecache 15.000 rows - 12Mb

sc> then there is cache_hash that is taking 34Mb for just 1136 rows
sc> (it takes 12,304bytes per row, even for a few chars, since it has mediumblob in it,)!

sc> what do you think?
sc> i am on 4.2.5
sc> does anybody know if the new caching system of 4.3 will light all this?

They are going to be even bigger, because there is idea to change
chash value size and size of other hashes from 10 bytes to 32 bytes.

It seems your tx_realurl_chashcache has many old records, because
row count of tx_realurl_urlencodecache 20 times greater then row count of
tx_realurl_urlencodecache. We typically have reverse situation.

tx_realurl_chashcache does not cleared with any "Clear cache"
operation in TYPO3. You can clear it manualy some times, but you
should then do "Clear all caches" from TYPO3 to insure all links in FE
will be correct.

Dmitry Martynenko

Web: http://realt.by

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