[TYPO3-english] Problem with itemsProcFunc and MM relations

Allan Jacobsen Allan.J at cobsen.dk
Sun Feb 1 15:09:58 CET 2009


I am working on a extension, that has been working fine, I have a 
database field that is defined as type => select in the tca, but now I 
would like to limit the number of values the user can select, and that 
also works fine with a itemsProcFunc. If I dont use a MM relation it 
works fine, but i need the MM relation, and then it will only save 1 value.

Is this a known limitation of itemsProcFunc or is it a bug?

I have verified that the generated html is the same with or without the 
MM relation in the tca, so it must be during the save that the problem 
occurs, can anyone point me to the correct file, I havent been able to 
figuge out where it happens.

MVH/Best regards
Allan Jacobsen

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