[TYPO3-english] correct 404 handling

Matyi Gábor gmatyi at freemail.hu
Wed Dec 30 22:15:52 CET 2009


Could anybody tell me, how to configure the 404 handling in typo3 properly?

I installed the error_404_handling extension, and I created a 404 page.
(not visible, name is 404).
I configured the redirection to the page 404, and the
[FE][pageNotFound_handling] = /404 in the install tool as it is written
in this two page.


If I open a non existent page, the 404 page appears with my content, but
  the html header is 200 or 301 and not 404.

What I configured wrong? Perhaps the realurl?

Gabor Matyi

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