[TYPO3-english] tt news archive view does not show records with active backend login

jochem nabuurs jochem at roquin.nl
Tue Dec 22 14:42:49 CET 2009

Hello list,

I've got a website with ttnews installed for displaying news items.
After a month, these news items get archived.
Currently, there are 3 items archived, and as a visitor, I can see these 
items. Also, these items are only visible op the archive page (tt news 
list with archive=1).


when I'm logged in as a backend user and try to preview the archive 
page, the list is empty and all 3 items are shown in the regular news 
list, as if they are less that a month old.

I'm using the USER TS settings below for preview:

admPanel {
	enable {
		preview = 1
	override {
		preview = 1
		preview.showHiddenPages = 1
		preview.showHiddenRecords = 1
		preview.simulateUserGroup = 3

And for general TS settings:


Can anybody explain the behavior mentioned above.

Kind regards,

Jochem Nabuurs
Roquin E-Solutions

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