[TYPO3-english] mnogosearch does not index documents under fileadmin

Yomo Guiamo yomo.diplur at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 23:38:06 CET 2009

Hi Jigal,


Thank you for your useful reply. Although I experimented with the 
-Indexes and Indexes Option, it never occured to me to adjust the path 
in the <Directory> directive! That did the trick!

My Apache config now looks like this:

<Directory /path/to/my/websitedir>
     Options FollowSymLinks -Indexes
     AllowOverride All
     Order allow,deny
     Allow from all

<Directory /path/to/my/fileadmin/user_upload/>
     Options FollowSymLinks Indexes
     AllowOverride All
     Order allow,deny
     Allow from all

Notice the "-Indexes" and "Indexes" options.

To get rid of almost all the "Index of /fileadmin/user_upload/somedir" 
search results I added the following TYPO3 indexing configuration:

Realm  	 /\?C  	 Disallow  	 1 hour  	 Regular expression

As you can see this is a Regular expression, pretty much as explained by 
   Dimitri in a post about directory index searching. The only downside 
is that you get one search result which contains a full path to a 
subdirectory in the user_upload directory:

"Index of /fileadmin/user_upload/somesubdir"

Nevertheless I'm very happy that I have some tangible search results!


Yomo Guiamo

Jigal van Hemert wrote:
> Yomo Guiamo wrote:
>> For some reason I cannot get mnogosearch to index my pdf and text 
>> files under the fileadmin/user_upload directory. Indexing the html 
>> pages on my site goes fine!
> (..)
>> Allow: http://www.mydomain.com/fileadmin/user_upload/
> (...)
>> 4) My Apache configuration contains: Options FollowSymLinks MultiViews 
>> -Indexes
> -Indexes means that directory browsing is disabled, so Mnogosearch won't 
> see which files are in this directory. Maybe you should enable it for 
> the user_upload directory, so it can be indexed?
> Regards, Jigal.

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