[TYPO3-english] Configuration space for plugins (?)

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Tue Dec 15 15:23:01 CET 2009

Hi Francois,

> I found another unknown (for me) configuration in the TSref. At the end
> of the CONFIG top-level object, one can find the following:
> tx_[extension key with no underscores]_[*]    Configuration space for
> plugins


> Is anyone using this? Was that a predecessor of syntax
> plugin.tx_[extension key with no underscores]_[*] or is that not the same?

Are you using realurl? Consider this entry: config.tx_realurl_enable = 1

So yes it is used, and can't be removed. It is not a predecessor of
plugin.tx_[extkey], which has the goal to provide plugins that can be
copied somewhere to a PAGE TLO.

config.* properties however only exist once per configuration, which
becomes very clear in the RealUrl example. It would not work to
configure RealUrl via plugin.tx_realurl because it is never used

Also notice that config.* properties can only have one level depth. I am
pretty sure that config.tx_realurl.enable would not work if RealUrl
would try to access it this way.

Regards, Michael
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