[TYPO3-english] R: HTML cleaning

Igor Mitev igor at freshdesign.com.mk
Tue Dec 15 15:00:07 CET 2009

Sorry for all the trouble, the issue was that I don't know why but in the
mapping process of the field the Pass content through htmlSpecialChars (HSC)
input somehow got checked. Tried to uncheck it, but it wouldn't accept the
change and eventually I changed the DS by hand.

Thanks everyone,

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This is the code I use for breadcrumbs. It works fine for me (4.2.8, 4.2.10,

lib.breadcrumbs = HMENU
lib.breadcrumbs.includeNotInMenu = 1
lib.breadcrumbs.special = rootline
lib.breadcrumbs.1 = TMENU
lib.breadcrumbs.1 {
	noBlur = 1
    	# Normal state properties
  	NO.after =  > 
  	NO.ATagParams.dataWrap  = title="{field:title}"
  	NO.stdWrap.htmlSpecialChars = 1

  	CUR = 1
  	CUR.doNotLinkIt = 1
  	CUR.allWrap = <strong> | </strong>

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Hi Joey,

I'm using TV as a template method. "lib.breadcrumb" is mapped in TV (inner)
that is why I don't need it in the TS code. 

Only for "lib.breadcrumb" I get characters replacement, the other mapped
field are fine. I used htmlSpecialChars to try to prevent it but no results.


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Igor Mitev wrote:
> I'm using TYPO3 4.2.10 and for the breadcrumb the following code:
> ###################################################
> ## Breadcrumb - HMENU
> lib.breadcrumb=COA
> When the code is generated TYPO3 changes the tag <> symbols to &lt;
> and &gt; and the breadcrumb is rendered as text.
> Can someone please tell me how to turn off HTML cleaning? HTML Tidy
> is off in the install tool.

Where do you use this "lib.breadcrumb" and which templating method are you
using (classic, modern, TV)?

When I "decode" your HTML example I get:
<div id="breadcrumb">
    <a href="index.php?id=1" onfocus="blurLink(this);" >

Since the <div> container is not part of your COA, I guess the encoding is
done in the same piece of code that is creating this container. So it's not
TYPO3 but a certain (Typo) Script that is responsible for it.

The TS you posted usually won't produce any HSC output.



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