[TYPO3-english] sorting content element problem

Tapio Markula tapio.markula at xetpoint.fi
Wed Dec 9 16:36:09 CET 2009

JoH asenau
> I guess you must get the comma separated list of content element uids out of
> the TV XML structure and use it to create your own menu instead.

must create own PHP-code for this purpose

Look at TS Ref how to creat userFunc for menus.

  But don't
> ask me how, since this is one of the reasons why we try to avoid TV for our
> projects.

yes - the main problem of TV is that it doesn't store information about 
position and order of content elements in a page with convention way but 
inside an internal XML-document, which is is stored in the table 'pages' 
=> orderBy statements and any other kind of SQL-queries defined by TS 
can't be use => building content related menus are extremely painful and 

You must create some code to look the XML document, where order has been 
stored as one or more comma separated list(s). If you have several 
content areas, you must take accoult that the code looks all of them.
If you want to order by title, you must first gather all together and 
the order them.

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