[TYPO3-english] Login from eid

Rafael Freuler rafi at reizvoll.ch
Wed Dec 9 08:19:05 CET 2009


I would like to log a user in from an eid script.
It used to work with the code below but stopped working since I
updated to TYPO3 4.3.
Does anyone know what changed? Or how should I log in a user from my script?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

                // init user
		$newuser = tslib_eidtools::initFeUser(); // Initialize FE user object
		$GLOBALS['TSFE']->fe_user = $newuser;
		$GLOBALS['TSFE']->fe_user->checkPid = $data['pid'];
		$info= $GLOBALS['TSFE']->fe_user->getAuthInfoArray();
		// check md5 of pw with stored md5 pw
		if (md5($loginData['uident']) == $newuser['password'])	{
			$ok = TRUE;
		if($ok) {
			//login successful
			$GLOBALS['TSFE']->loginUser = 1;
			//return $GLOBALS['TSFE']->fe_user;
			$userdata = $newuser;
		} else {
			//login failed
			$userdata = false;

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