[TYPO3-english] Typo3 dev and rte

Marcus Krause marcus#exp2008 at t3sec.info
Sun Nov 30 18:24:20 CET 2008


Tapio Markula schrieb:
> Marcus Krause
>> By the way, I haven't had to remove the newsgroup cache from
>> thunderbird. 
> how to do that
>> Thunderbird asked me if I'd like to remove deleted posts
>> from newsgroups. I hit okay and everything runs smoothly now.
> I didn't find functionality to do so

I'm using Thunderbird with message preview enabled. When I hit
a no longer existing posting on the newsserver, instead of the preview
Thunderbird told me that the message-id is invalid and if i'd like to
remove all entries with a non-valid message-id.

Click on OK and it's done. I made a restart afterwards.


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