[TYPO3-english] mailform fileupload does not seem to work

Henjo Hoeksma hphoeksma at stylence.nl
Mon Nov 24 16:46:58 CET 2008

Hi list,

I usually work with powermail but since I can't have powermail, 
smoothgallery and moodalbox on the same site at the same time I am working 
with the default form object. Not a problem because I added the save form 
plugin for basic db support. I have one problem though and I can't seem to 
find a solution any where. It's seemingly simple but it doesn't seem to do 
what I want...

I have put  a form up and put in a upload files input. When I test the form 
everything goes well, but:

1. the file is not mentioned in the email that is being sent.
2. the file doesn't seem to be uploaded at all...

Any hint is appreciated ;-)


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