[TYPO3-english] Multilanguage site with mnogosearch

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry.dulepov at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 13:04:26 CET 2008


Manuel Rego Casasnovas wrote:
> My idea would be that if you're browsing in Spanish and you use the
> search form you'll only get results in Spanish (and not in all the
> languages of the website).
> Maybe a possibility will be define different indexing configuration
> records for each language. The value of indexing path attribute would
> be:
>    * http://test/en/
>    * http://test/es/
>    * http://test/jp/
>    * ...
> And then use the configuration property: "search->siteList" to define
> which language you want to search.

Correct :)

> But I have a doubt, the default language usually has the next URL
> http://test/ (without any prefix related with language) and an indexing
> configuration record with this URL will index the whole site. So it
> wouldn't work properly for the default language.

Also correct but you can always force language variable in URL!

You can do even better: recent versions of RealURL allow you to have
http://en.test/, http://es.test/ and so on instead of
http://test/en/ and http://es.test/ automatically! So if I were you,
I would make separate domains instead (www.test, es.test, etc) and
index those.

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