[TYPO3-english] Inconsistent Typoscript behavior in TemplaVoila FCE?

Lukas Mattsson lukas at antroposofi.info
Mon Nov 24 10:35:41 CET 2008

Oh ok, that must be the cause. How do I enable stdWrap properties to for 
  example image.width? Can I do it in the typoscript, the extension 
class file or ext_conf_template.txt?

image.width is just loaded this way in the extension class file:
$width = ($this->conf['image.']['width']) ? 
$this->conf['image.']['width'] : 100;

Best regards, Lukas

Georg Ringer skrev:
> Hi,
> does image.width have stdWrap possibilities, without it just can use 
> plain text and no fields, data,...
> georg

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