[TYPO3-english] Inconsistent Typoscript behavior in TemplaVoila FCE?

Niels Fröhling niels.froehling at adsignum.com
Mon Nov 24 23:16:17 CET 2008

Lukas Mattsson wrote:
> Oh ok, that must be the cause. How do I enable stdWrap properties to for 
>   example image.width? Can I do it in the typoscript, the extension 
> class file or ext_conf_template.txt?
 The problem is not the stdWrap, but the scope of the "field" property. 
"field" fetches data from the current data-array and becomes overlayed 
with a new current data-array if you enter new TS-objects:

10 = TEXT
10.field = level_0_context
10.10 = TEXT
10.10.field = level_1_context

level_0_context != level_1_context

 There is no transparency of data through child hierarchies, so you are 
stuck here. You may though fiddle with registers:

5.width.field = field_width

10 < plugin.tx_julleevents_pi1
10 {
	image.width.data = register:width


 Luckily here you can do the LOAD/RESTORE, at time you can't ...


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