[TYPO3-english] TemplaViola: Localization of mapped input fields

Joerg Wagner news.netfielders.de at digilog.de
Fri Nov 21 18:27:54 CET 2008

Are these fields you talk of in a TV page template or a TV FCE?

Creating language versions in a one-tree scenario with inheritance is a 
four step process:
1. Make sure your DS settings are correct for the translation mode you 
want (nodes langChildren and langDisable in DS XML)
2. Add language records to the root node of the page tree (List module)
3. Add page translation to each page (Info module, Localization overview)
4a. For pages: edit the language dependent fields directly in page 
properties (including TV fields)
4b. For content elements/FCEs: Add language records to each content 
element that you want to translate and edit them (or set ce language to 
"all" to show it unchanged in each language)
Besides creating an alternative page language you must also create 
language overlay records of each content element.

In case you did not yet do it, read the bible now:

Cheers, Jörg.

Martin Weissen schrieb:
> Hi List
> Inside my TemplaVila DS I've got some "Plain Input Fields" which I want to
> localize now.
> Unfortunately TemplaVoila doesn't allow this. When I create an alternative page
> language, I don't have those fields there :(
> Does anybody know a solution to this problem?
> Regards
> Martin

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