[TYPO3-english] left-click mouse problem

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Wed Nov 19 13:07:03 CET 2008


piet roorda wrote:
> there have been some issues in the backend with left clicking.normally a
> menu will appear, now nothing happens.
> Most of the time realurl (extension) has been causing this one way or
> another.
> Now I don't have realurl installed but still the problem occurs.
> are you still with me?
> by the by my mouse is workin fine in other typo3 environments ; - )

Thus the mouse hardware is working, great! And the problem relies in 
backend when left clicking on some items (which ones?) and which TYPO3 
version do you use? 4.3 alpha, 4.2.3, 4.2.2, 4.1.x, 3.8?

BTW, did you clear cache from TYPO3, from your browser? Do you have a JS 
error in your browser? Just some thoughts...

Xavier Perseguers

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