[TYPO3-english] Multi-lingual sites and SEO with Typo3

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Wed Nov 19 08:54:14 CET 2008

Hello Paul,

> I'm looking for a CMS that supports multi-lingual sites and proper SEO
> techniques. I am a programmer with 32 years of experience and 6 years in
> PHP, so I would be able to do all necessary scripting. Typo3 seems to have
> what I am looking for (I read tons of documentation on the site, especially
> the multi-lingual documents), but I am not sure. It has a steep learning
> curve. I'm willing to invest the time to learn it and use it at my client's
> sites, if it indeed provides what I need. Can someone reassure me by looking
> at my wish list and tell me if Typo3 is the right CMS for me?
> Wish list:
> 1 Ability to have friendly-URL/title/meta-description/meta-keywords in the
> chosen page language (I'm not use about the friendly URL, the others I think
> are possible in Typo3);

You have it with extension realurl or cooluri (though I do not know this 

> 2 Ability to have a language switcher switch to the same page in the other
> language(s) and not switch to the home page in the chosen language (I think
> it is possible in Typo3);

yes, definitively,

> 3 When a page exists in multiple languages, but page comments are allowed to
> that page, ALL comments are visible, regardless of the page language that
> the commentor is using (haven't found this in the documentation);

this is a problem of configuring your comment plugin correctly.

> 4 Ability to have forms in multiple languages, while still storing form data
> into the sale table (I believe this is possible in Typo3).

Do not know exactly what you mean but you can do what you want.

> 5 Ability to name image and other media files depending on the page
> language. So an image about a mountina for instance would be called
> mountain.jpg in the English page, berg.jpg in the German page, mont.jpg in
> the French page (I believe it is not possible without having multiple copies
> of the image file). This is not a show stopper however;

You won't have translations of your filenames. You'd have to program it 
yourself if it really makes sense. But have a look at extension DAM if 
you have high expectation about managing media files.

TYPO3 is certainly the CMS you need and whenever something does not 
exist yet, you'll be able to program it yourself w/o problem.

Xavier Perseguers

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