[TYPO3-english] date2cal "Today" in powermail

Stefan Galinski sgalinski at df.eu
Tue Nov 18 12:44:19 CET 2008

Katja Lampela wrote:

> But if I set the "tod" today and the form in FE has the prefilled value
> 18-11-08, it has the same date also tomorrow. And this is not what I
> would expect - I would expect the value be dynamic, so tomorrow it
> should be 19-11-08.

You set "tod" as the default value of the calendar in the powermail form? If it's true, the string will always be converted to a date by the natural language parser and saved into the database as an unix timestamp. Seems like a missing feature of powermail to add today, tomorrow or yesterday checkboxes as another preselection possibility. Just report this on the forge site, after the login process is working again.


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