[TYPO3-english] Extension "pagebrowse": please, add extension TypoScript template to the main TypoScript template.

Hauke Meyer meyer at visionconnect.de
Mon Nov 17 13:44:45 CET 2008


damned, if the solution is that simple... I would say we should try to 
boost the documentation in that way ;-) Min. two persons with the same 
problem discover a small but important source of misunderstanding.

BTW. Dmitry: your new book looks nice on my table, if I had only time to 
read it :-D


Dmitry Dulepov schrieb:
> Hi!
> Dominik Schmich wrote:
>> The solution was to add the TypoScript from "pagebrowse" to the
>> "comments" extension as a subpart. You can get it from
>> here: /typo3conf/ext/pagebrowse/static/page_browser/setup.txt
>> and add it like this to the "comments" extension:
>> plugin.tx_comments_pi1.pageBrowser = USER
>> plugin.tx_comments_pi1.pageBrowser {
>>         # USER_INT support
>>         includeLibs = EXT:pagebrowse/class.tx_pagebrowser_pi1.php
>>         userFunc = tx_pagebrowse_pi1->main
>> (...)
> This solution works but it is wrong :( It will ignore any further
> changes to page browser TS and will break comments again.
> The right solution is to include TS from page browser before the TS
> from comments in your main template. I am sure currently you have it
> like this:
> - comments
> - page browser
> It should be:
> - page browser
> - comments
> That's all.

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