[TYPO3-english] official pronunciation of TYPO3

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Mon Nov 17 08:58:47 CET 2008


>> Listen to the podcasts. There they say it from time to time. I think 
>> in phonetic you write [tai'po:'ðri:]. I know you're German so in 
>> German pronounciation "taiposrie", where the "s" has to be spoken as 
>> "th".
> yes, that's the way I pronounce it too. But I've heard it with a german 
> "Ü" by other TYPO3 users. I've seen, that in Dansk "Y" is pronounced 
> like a german "Ü" and now I'm unsure. 
> http://www.pronunciationguide.info/Danish.html
> Next time watching a podcast I will keep an eye on the pronunciation of 
> TYPO3.

If they pronounce it "Ü" then it simply means that they pronounce it the 
German way, wie in Typographie. TYPO3 should be pronounced the English 
way with "ai" instead, just as explained by Sebastian.

Xavier Perseguers

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