[TYPO3-english] official pronunciation of TYPO3

Andreas Burg typo3 at andreasburg.de
Mon Nov 17 03:57:52 CET 2008

Hello Sebastian,

> Listen to the podcasts. There they say it from time to time. I think in 
> phonetic you write [tai'po:'ðri:]. I know you're German so in German 
> pronounciation "taiposrie", where the "s" has to be spoken as "th".

yes, that's the way I pronounce it too. But I've heard it with a german "Ü" by other TYPO3 users. 
I've seen, that in Dansk "Y" is pronounced like a german "Ü" and now I'm unsure. 
Next time watching a podcast I will keep an eye on the pronunciation of TYPO3.


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