[TYPO3-english] RealURL and single page path

Frank Weindel fjw24 at drexel.edu
Thu Nov 13 16:56:34 CET 2008

Dmitry Dulepov wrote:
> Hi!
> Victor Livakovsky wrote:
>> Yes, but let's imagine such situation:
>> Customer has a page with only pagetitle filled - "pagetitle" and it will
>> appear at every menu as mysite.com/pagetitle.html, also Google-bot will
>> index it as pagetitle.html.
>> But after some time customer fills RealURL path segment with "path", so
>> page will apeear in all menues as mysite.com/path.html, but Google-bot
>> also will find it and then it will get mysite.com/pagetitle.html and
>> mysite.com/path.html both with 200 responce but the same content. That
>> will cause a SEO problem and decrease pagerank in Google.
> RealURL does not provide workarounds for this kind of human mistakes
> and it will never do. If human did not think before building the
> site, it is not RealURL fault. It is human's fault. RealURL has
> certain "brain power". This brain power is a good compromise between
> logic and speed. The logic covers technical human mistakes (such as
> forgotten root page id or certain defaults) but it does not cover
> logical mistakes. I am very sorry but humans are responsible for
> logical mistakes, not RealURL.
> Do proper planning from the beginning.

That is ridiculous. Humans sometimes make mistakes and sometimes humans 
just change their minds. Why do you take such a suggestion so 
personally? I don't see the harm in fixing it so that if two or more 
different RealURL URIs point to the exact same page that any non-default 
URIs are redirected to the default URI for that page. Its very logical. 
It may be something you just don't want to do, maybe because it probably 
would make the RealURL process slower, or maybe you don't think its 
worth it. But please don't just blame it on human mistakes.

Frank Weindel

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