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Thu Nov 13 09:03:20 CET 2008

Hello Jonas,

There's a specific mailing list for questions regarding the rte:

You could ask your question there as well. Have you searched the archive
for that list also?

Regarding your actual questions:

First of all. You can put the TSconfig either in the Page TSconfig of
the rootpage of your site (not in a template record) or in the editors
user (or usergroup) TSconfig. In that case preceded by "page." so:
page.RTE. etc

Question 1:
I believe you should either list (under RTE.default.showButtons) all the
buttons you want to see and not just the changes, or (and I'm not sure
this works, haven't used it myself) use ":= addToList"

  RTE.default.showButtons := addToList (textcolor)

Personally I just use the full list of all the buttons, helps me to see
which buttons are there.

Question 2:
Do you mean the blockstyle selector (with the frames) or the blockformat
selector (with paragraph, heading 1 etc).
The first has the id-strings "blockstylelabel, blockstyle" the second
If you use the full list of buttons, just remove them from your list, if
you want to use ":= addToList" you should use

  RTE.default.hideButtons := addToList (id-strings)

Question 3:
The easiest way to do this I believe is to add the classes to your
external css. Note that in you stylesheet you need to use:

  span.classname { }

not just

  .classname { }

Otherwise the RTE won't recognize it. You should also add

  RTE.default.contentCSS = path to your stylesheet (like fileadmin/etc)

and probably also

  RTE.default.ignoreMainStyleOverride = 1

And add the styles to proc.allowedClasses and possible classesParagraph

That worked for me.


For the example of how exactly to use showButtons,hideButtons,
proc.allowedClasses and classesParagraph

Hope this helps.



Jonas Kaiser wrote:
> dear list,
> I have been searching the web now for quite a while but I only ever found
> answers that did just miss what I was looking for by a small amount.
> So here is what I have and what I would like to achieve:
> My page template is pretty small and mainly includes several extension
> templates to keep it all nice and organized. (so far working correctly)
> Now I am trying to configure my RTE editor in the backend which uses the
> htmelArea extension to provide a couple of options to the guys that actually
> write content for our site.
> I do this by writing the pageTSconfig stuff for the RTE in a new extension
> template and including it along the others.
> 1. I would like to enable the button/drop down that allows to pick a color
> for a stretch of selected text
> 2. I would like to disable the paragraph style selector
> 3. I would like to load a couple of inline styles in the text style box,
> which basically wrap the marked text into span tags with some class which I
> define in an external css document.
> I have started on the color bit with some dummy colors to pick from but I
> think I am doing something wrong (or rather missing some major bits quite
> probably). as there are no apparent changes to the BE Editor ... (and yes: I
> have checked that I really include the file, cleared all page caches, logged
> off and on again - the usual stuff)
> TS-code begin
> ===================================================
> # General configuration of the available colors:
> RTE.colors {
>     color1 {
>         name = Background color
>         value = blue
>     }
>     color2 {
>         name = Another color I like!
>         value = #775533
>     }
>     noColor {
>         name = No color
>         value =
>     }
> }
> # Enable buttons:
> RTE.default.showButtons = textcolor
> # Specific setting for the font color selector:
> RTE.default.colors = color1, color2, noColor
> ===================================================
> TS-code end
> I would appreciate any help.
> Also in case that someone knows a really good tutorial (rather than just
> posting their own 5 page config file - that's what I found mostly so far) I
> would be really grateful for a link ;-)
> best regards and thanks in advance
> Jonas

webmaster Global Healing Circle

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