[TYPO3-english] configuring htmlArea RTE

Jonas Kaiser jk431 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Nov 13 02:54:42 CET 2008

dear list,

I have been searching the web now for quite a while but I only ever found
answers that did just miss what I was looking for by a small amount.

So here is what I have and what I would like to achieve:
My page template is pretty small and mainly includes several extension
templates to keep it all nice and organized. (so far working correctly)
Now I am trying to configure my RTE editor in the backend which uses the
htmelArea extension to provide a couple of options to the guys that actually
write content for our site.
I do this by writing the pageTSconfig stuff for the RTE in a new extension
template and including it along the others.

1. I would like to enable the button/drop down that allows to pick a color
for a stretch of selected text
2. I would like to disable the paragraph style selector
3. I would like to load a couple of inline styles in the text style box,
which basically wrap the marked text into span tags with some class which I
define in an external css document.

I have started on the color bit with some dummy colors to pick from but I
think I am doing something wrong (or rather missing some major bits quite
probably). as there are no apparent changes to the BE Editor ... (and yes: I
have checked that I really include the file, cleared all page caches, logged
off and on again - the usual stuff)
TS-code begin
# General configuration of the available colors:
RTE.colors {
    color1 {
        name = Background color
        value = blue
    color2 {
        name = Another color I like!
        value = #775533
    noColor {
        name = No color
        value =

# Enable buttons:
RTE.default.showButtons = textcolor

# Specific setting for the font color selector:
RTE.default.colors = color1, color2, noColor
TS-code end

I would appreciate any help.
Also in case that someone knows a really good tutorial (rather than just
posting their own 5 page config file - that's what I found mostly so far) I
would be really grateful for a link ;-)

best regards and thanks in advance

Jonas Kaiser
Churchill College - Cambridge

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