[TYPO3-english] ve_guestbook + sr_freecap does not show image in non-default language

Donatas Elvikis elvikis at mathematik.uni-kl.de
Thu Nov 13 01:00:05 CET 2008


I have Typo3 4.2 running with ve_guestbook (ver. 2.7.1) and sr_freecap 
(ver. 1.1.0). Everything works fine with the default language, which is 
lithuanian, however when I localize it to english no captcha image is shown.

see lithuanian version (entry form at the bottom):
and  english version:

I tried direct a link to captcha image script
which gives me the following error
NO entry in the $TCA-array for the table "pages_language_overlay". This 
means that the function enableFields() is called with an invalid table 
name as argument.

Words are randomly generated, however the same behavior is observed with 
word lists.

Does anyone know what could be wrong and how to solve it?

Thank you,

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