[TYPO3-english] umlauts and t3lib/unidata/Translit.txt

Katja Lampela katja.lampela at lieska.net
Wed Nov 12 22:50:09 CET 2008


Is there a way to override the values of the core files locally? The 
file in question is t3lib/unidata/Translit.txt

This file takes care of how the special characters (for example ä Å ö) 
are converted in the address with realurl, for example ä to ae versus ä 
to a.

Now I've made a character conversion set for the finnish and swedish 
languages, but I have to update it always when I update the core. So 
it's not too clever.

#finnish + swedish
00e4; 0061;        LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH UMLAUTS => a (finnish)
00c4; 0041;        LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH UMLAUTS => A (finnish)
00f6; 006f;        LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH UMLAUTS => o (finnish)
00d6; 004f;        LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH UMLAUTS => O (finnish)
00e5; 0061;        LATIN SMALL LETTER SWEDISH A (Å) => a (finnish + 
00c5; 0041;        LATIN CAPITAL LETTER SWEDISH A (Å) => a (finnish + 

Thanks for any hints how to make this more flexible,
- Katja

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