[TYPO3-english] ttnews_feeder - charset

Michał Cygankiewicz michal_cygankiewicz at siatkowka.net
Tue Nov 11 11:58:26 CET 2008

how to set-up polish charset (ISO-8859-2) in ttnews_feeder extension? Because of lack in "Charset (see Doc)" I change it directly in MySQL database but now if I try to manualy fetch news the errors appears:

"Warning: htmlentities() [function.htmlentities]: charset `ISO-8859-2' not supported, assuming iso-8859-1 in xxxxxxxx/typo3conf/ext/ttnews_feeder/class.tx_ttnews_feeder_lib.php on line 1085"

I will be very thankful for Your response.

Michal Cygankiewicz

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