[TYPO3-english] ttnews_feeder - charset

Mark Kuiphuis spam at markyourweb.com
Wed Nov 12 05:34:30 CET 2008

The best solution is to use utf-8....

This can be achieved in Typo3 by checking the following steps:

1 - MySQL Database
2 - Connection with the database
3 - Backend in UTF-8
4 - Frontend in UTF-8

Ad 1.
This can be checked with phpMyAdmin or any other tool that provides 
direct access to MySQL and look at the collation of the tables.

Ad 2.
If the connection to the database isn't utf-8 by default (older versions 
will use Latin1, can be checked with phpMyAdmin as well), then you can 
add the following lines to the property setDBInit in the Install Tool of 

// Begin UTF-8
SET SESSION character_set_server=utf8;
// End UTF-8

Ad 3.

In de Install Tool bij: [forceCharset]


Ad 4.

Somewhere in your setup template.

config.renderCharset = utf-8

Good luck with it...

Kind regards,

Mark Kuiphuis

Michał Cygankiewicz wrote:
> Hello,
> how to set-up polish charset (ISO-8859-2) in ttnews_feeder extension? Because of lack in "Charset (see Doc)" I change it directly in MySQL database but now if I try to manualy fetch news the errors appears:
> "Warning: htmlentities() [function.htmlentities]: charset `ISO-8859-2' not supported, assuming iso-8859-1 in xxxxxxxx/typo3conf/ext/ttnews_feeder/class.tx_ttnews_feeder_lib.php on line 1085"
> I will be very thankful for Your response.
> Regards,
> Michal Cygankiewicz
> www.siatkowka.net

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