[TYPO3-english] dr_wiki - blank page after initial post

Russel Anderson dkages at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 6 16:12:13 CET 2008

Will do further error reporting... Thanks for the suggestions...

However, I don't actually get a blank page: The page is loading fine 
afaik. My problem is that the dr_wiki plugin (i.e. the content element 
itself) is empty after the first post on my wiki form... So the page is 
loading fine, I get the plugin title but the extension doesn't return 


Hauke Meyer wrote:
> Hi!
> first to check: did you write any php-error.log? Put inside the 
> extension file (may be ext_localconf.php) an "error_log("HELLO U");"
> and check the log-file.
> second: Use of hardend PHP (eg. suhosin)-> find and look inside this log.
> If nothing helps and you really need exact this extension. Go and 
> error_log(print_r($varname,true)); for a solution ^.^ A blank page is 
> always an error (afaik).
> Hauke
>> Russel Anderson wrote:
>>> I double checked, nothing in Apache logs...
>> I have no more ideas :(

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