[TYPO3-english] ratings - is it possible...

Jan Slusarczyk janslu at grupaiis.pl
Tue Nov 4 17:01:11 CET 2008

I am currently using ltg_rating for pages ratings on 
http://www.babyboom.pl . I will start using tt_news soon and it seems 
that it is time to move on and use ratings extension (new code and ajax 
being the reasons).

1. Is it possible to make menu of top rated pages the way it is being 
done with ltg_rating:

temp.topArtykuly = COA
temp.topArtykuly.10= HMENU
temp.topArtykuly.10.special = keywords
temp.topArtykuly.10.special {
   entryLevel = 0
   depth = 16
temp.topArtykuly.10.1 = TMENU
temp.topArtykuly.10.1 {
   IProcFunc.ratingType = rateme
   itemArrayProcFunc = tx_ltgrating_pi1->ts_sortPages
   itemArrayProcFunc.menuListLimit = 8
   IProcFunc = tx_ltgrating_pi1->listPage
   NO.allWrap = ###STARS###&nbsp;|<br />
   NO.allWrap.dataWrap = |


2. Is it possible to prefix / suffix items in other menus with current 
page rating?

3. has anyone done migration of data from ltg_rating to ratings?


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