[TYPO3-english] mulltilanguage multi subdomain website

Tomas Mrozek mail at cascaval.com
Mon Nov 3 21:04:37 CET 2008

> if i want to keep the main site and subsites in the same typo3 
> installation, i have jsut one languages configuration (they are root 
> records, right?)

You will have one "set of languages" for the domain and all the 
subdomains. However, that doesn't mean that particular branches 
(subdomains) must work with all the languages. You can still disable 
language selector (for page overlays, content records, plugin records) 
per page and therefore also per branch (= subdomain in your case).

TCEFORM.pages_language_overlay {
   sys_language_uid {
     disabled = 1

So in theory you should be able to have a one-tree multilingual site for 
the main domain and disable languages in the subdomains and treat 
default language as non-English.

> i can't make them insert just italian records (if i would use the
> default language as italian in subdomains, there would be problems
> when i show them in the main multilanguage www.website.it, which
> shows just the best "news" of all sub countries..

If you want to have some records (e.g. tt_news) shared by the main 
domain and the subdomains, put them into one designated sysfolder which 
could be further subdivided according to languages. The main domain and 
subdomains can then retrieve records only from a sysfolder designated 
for one particular language or recursively from the main sysfolder (and 

|- News sysfolder
|  |- EN
|  |- IT
|- Root of the main domain
|  |- Page1
|  |- ...
|- Root of the subdomain 1
    |- Page 1

Tomas Mrozek

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