[TYPO3-english] mulltilanguage multi subdomain website

stefano cecere scecere at krur.com
Tue Nov 4 06:08:31 CET 2008

ciao Tomas!

i was "theorically" near your solution..
i just didn't know about TCEFORM.pages_language_overlay.sys_language_uid.disabled !

i just add that if a local editor wants a content to be multilanguage/international, he could make just the international version.
then in the http://italy.website.com subdomain i show all local news + the international italian translated ones...

yes, all this could really work well!

big thanks!


Tomas Mrozek wrote:
>> if i want to keep the main site and subsites in the same typo3 
>> installation, i have jsut one languages configuration (they are root 
>> records, right?)
> You will have one "set of languages" for the domain and all the 
> subdomains. However, that doesn't mean that particular branches 
> (subdomains) must work with all the languages. You can still disable 
> language selector (for page overlays, content records, plugin records) 
> per page and therefore also per branch (= subdomain in your case).
> TCEFORM.pages_language_overlay {
>   sys_language_uid {
>     disabled = 1
>   }
> }
> So in theory you should be able to have a one-tree multilingual site for 
> the main domain and disable languages in the subdomains and treat 
> default language as non-English.
>> i can't make them insert just italian records (if i would use the
>> default language as italian in subdomains, there would be problems
>> when i show them in the main multilanguage www.website.it, which
>> shows just the best "news" of all sub countries..
> If you want to have some records (e.g. tt_news) shared by the main 
> domain and the subdomains, put them into one designated sysfolder which 
> could be further subdivided according to languages. The main domain and 
> subdomains can then retrieve records only from a sysfolder designated 
> for one particular language or recursively from the main sysfolder (and 
> sub-sysfolders).
> root
> |
> |- News sysfolder
> |  |- EN
> |  |- IT
> |- Root of the main domain
> |  |- Page1
> |  |- ...
> |- Root of the subdomain 1
>    |- Page 1
> Tomas Mrozek

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