[TYPO3-english] WEC discussion forum - extend form with extra fields?

Katja Lampela katja.lampela at lieska.net
Mon Nov 3 12:56:29 CET 2008

Hi Dave and Brian,

My client just asked if it was possible to add the feuser's picture (in 
feuser db) in the blog article. Or multiple images in the form - but is 
this something that is also connected to these hooks you are going to add?

At the moment the wec_forum typoscript doesn't seem to have too many 
options to change the contents of the forum/blog - the looks of the 
forum is very nicely adjustable though :)

Anyway I just adjusted the wec_map with the description and image fields 
of the tt_address table and it was fairly easy to do with the great 

Not possible here I suppose?


Brian Bendtsen kirjoitti:
> David Slayback skrev:
>> Hi Brian,
>> Right now, there are no hooks in the wec_discussion to add additional 
>> markers/fields. I can add this in the next version so you can easily 
>> add whatever fields you would like. Then you will be able to setup a 
>> hook and not have to XClass the plugin. How does that sound?
>> -Dave
>>  www.WebEmpoweredChurch.org
>> Brian Bendtsen wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> Is there an easy way to extend the wec_discussion forum with my own 
>>> fields?
>>> I need an extra field ( a select box ) where the user can choose a 
>>> value and this value must be saved in the post table.
>>> So far I have written a small extension which extends the post table 
>>> with the field, but this of course only applies to the backend.
>>> A little help please, I would prefer to do this without messing with 
>>> the code for WEC discussion forum
>>> /Brian
> That sounds great
> Thank you
> /Brian

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