[TYPO3-english] WEC discussion forum - extend form with extra fields?

Brian Bendtsen bb at bellevuevej.dk
Mon Nov 3 09:10:47 CET 2008

David Slayback skrev:
> Hi Brian,
> Right now, there are no hooks in the wec_discussion to add additional 
> markers/fields. I can add this in the next version so you can easily add 
> whatever fields you would like. Then you will be able to setup a hook 
> and not have to XClass the plugin. How does that sound?
> -Dave
>  www.WebEmpoweredChurch.org
> Brian Bendtsen wrote:
>> Hi
>> Is there an easy way to extend the wec_discussion forum with my own 
>> fields?
>> I need an extra field ( a select box ) where the user can choose a 
>> value and this value must be saved in the post table.
>> So far I have written a small extension which extends the post table 
>> with the field, but this of course only applies to the backend.
>> A little help please, I would prefer to do this without messing with 
>> the code for WEC discussion forum
>> /Brian
That sounds great

Thank you


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