[TYPO3-english] ext: mnoGoSearch 2.0.0

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry.dulepov at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 11:18:30 CET 2008


Bartosz Aninowski wrote:
> I was thinking about this too but I am afraid that it should be a little
> bit more complex.
> In order to index mm_forum I had to join 3 tables. This looks more or
> less like this
> HTDBDoc "SELECT tx_mmforum_topics.topic_title AS
> title,tx_mmforum_posts_text.post_text AS body FROM tx_mmforum_posts_text
> INNER JOIN tx_mmforum_posts ON
> (tx_mmforum_posts_text.post_id=tx_mmforum_posts.uid) INNER JOIN
> tx_mmforum_topics ON (tx_mmforum_topics.uid = tx_mmforum_posts.topic_id)
> WHERE tx_mmforum_posts_text.uid = $3"

You can index only records from one table with TYPO3, not join. This
is a limitation of extension. Getting joins there will add to much

So I suggest to do it differently. Read the official mnogosearch
manual where they talk about indexing records (htdb:/ virtual
scheme). You will see how to construct configuration directives to
index mm_forum tables.

Next, in indexing configuration for the whole site fill the field
named "Additional configuration" with your own configuration for
indexing mm_forum records. TYPO3 extension put everything in this
field into indexer configuration, so indexer will know how to index
mm_forum table.

Next you need to write a hook in mm_forum to update

I think this is going to work.

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