[TYPO3-english] ext: mnoGoSearch 2.0.0

Bartosz Aninowski bartoszx at SPAMgmail.com
Sun Nov 2 22:22:21 CET 2008

> I can provide API in the mnogosearch extension to add records into
> the url log. It will be a function with three parameters:
> - table name
> - record id
> - [optional] array with field values (keys are field names, values
> are field values)
> The first argument is good to pass if it is available, it saves one
> database query.

I was thinking about this too but I am afraid that it should be a little 
bit more complex.
In order to index mm_forum I had to join 3 tables. This looks more or 
less like this

HTDBDoc "SELECT tx_mmforum_topics.topic_title AS 
title,tx_mmforum_posts_text.post_text AS body FROM tx_mmforum_posts_text 
INNER JOIN tx_mmforum_posts ON 
(tx_mmforum_posts_text.post_id=tx_mmforum_posts.uid) INNER JOIN 
tx_mmforum_topics ON (tx_mmforum_topics.uid = tx_mmforum_posts.topic_id) 
WHERE tx_mmforum_posts_text.uid = $3"

I am not sure if above API will work in my example.
Anyway mm_forums has lot of hooks and I hope we can implement reindexing.

Antonio, if you think about mm_forum too, I will send you a working 
example when we finish it.

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