[TYPO3-english] Extension ratings: problems with default language

Manuel Rego Casasnovas mrego at igalia.com
Tue Dec 23 15:38:10 CET 2008


in my website the default language is not English and when I use the
extension "ratings" [1], it does not appear properly translated in the
default language, it appears in English (I can't reproduce this with any
other extension).

I've been reviewing the source code of "ratings", and I've seen the next
lines [2]:
// Init language
if ($GLOBALS['LANG'] instanceof language) {
   $language = &$GLOBALS['LANG'];
else {
   $language = t3lib_div::makeInstance('language');

I don't understand why the extension does not use directly
"$GLOBALS['TSFE']->sL" instead of $language->sL.

However, maybe I have a wrong configuration related with website

Best regards,

[1] http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/view/ratings/current/

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