[TYPO3-english] Accessing Object Data

John Fox fox at johnfoxstudios.com
Fri Dec 12 19:59:02 CET 2008

I¹ve created a RECORDS object and I¹m able to retrieve data from my table:

video.10 = RECORDS 
video.10.source = TEXT
video.10.source.data = 9
video.10.tables = tx_dam
video.10.conf.tx_dam = COA
video.10.conf.tx_dam {
    10 = TEXT
    10 {
        field = keywords
        wrap = |

The keywords print out but what if I wanted to ³reuse² the keywords for
another query?  I figured that I could access video.10.conf.tx_dam.10 and
that would provide me with the keywords but that doesn¹t work.

I¹m still learning Typo3 and must be thinking about this wrong.  I¹m
thinking that the TEXT (video.10.conf.tx_dam.10) object is now populated
with my keywords and that I should be able to access that data.  Any
help/direction would be greatly appreciated.


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