[TYPO3-english] typo3 ext mnogoSearch don't work. What is wrong?

Sergey V. osa at elara.ru
Fri Dec 12 12:11:30 CET 2008

>> I installed the mnogoSearch typo3 extension.
> Please, check that you have latest version (2.1.5).
I installed the latest version 2.1.5 (10.12.2008). I wrote about it.

>> I did everything as in manual.
>> 1. mnogoSearch search engine an php ext installed
>> 2. DB created
>> 3. mnogoSearch typo3 ext installed (utf-8, DB path, passwords correct) 
>> and
>> configuration record created
> Make sure that web site paths in configuration records end with slash. For 
> example, http://example.com/ is correct while http://example.com is not.

Web site path in my configuration record correct: http://mysite.mydomain.ru/

> Check that database URL in the extension configuration has slash after the 
> database name. For example, this is correct:
> mysql://user:pass@host/dbname/?dbmode=multi
> This will not work:
> mysql://user:pass@host/dbname?dbmode=multi

extension configuration is also correct:

>> 4. manually created index with -w -n options as in manual. Index was
>> created, I checked it directly in DB
>> 5. In backend put mnogoSearch plugin on page. Configured it (long form,
>> result). Static template included.
> Make sure you have nothing in "Limit search results to:".

Yes, "Limit  search to:" field area is empty.

>> On page search form I entered data but it show "no results".
>> I checked for russian and english words but everytime the search showed 
>> "no
>> results" (thought because of russian and utf-8)
> No problem with russian if you configured everything correctly.
> To troubleshoot the problem, clear the index first. To clear the index go 
> to your web site root directory in shell and execute:
> php typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh mnogosearch -x -Cw

I did it.

> Next run indexer again with verbose option:
> php typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh mnogosearch -v 3

I did it also.

> Now you should see what URLs are being indexed. Indexing process should 
> end with statistics about words and kilobytes of data. Check that they are 
> not zero.

Indexing process finished successfully.
First indexer showed some warnings and messages
then I could see URLs are being indexed and statistic about words and 
kilobytes of data:
Writing words (66476 words, 1931297 bytes, final).
The words are written successfully. (final)
Done (74 seconds, 195 documents, 9917831 bytes, 130.88 Kbytes/sec.)

> It should work if everything is ok.

On the search page display
Search results - (0.000 seconds)
Displaying results - of . Page 1 of 0.
The search returned no results.

It seems everything is correct, but still does not work.
Where and what do I have to check?

I think that incorrectly configured mnogoSearch typo3 extension. 

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