[TYPO3-english] Google map

Ronald Wiplinger (Lists) ronald_lists at elmit.com
Thu Dec 11 05:25:23 CET 2008

Ronald Wiplinger (Lists) wrote:
> I tried to use the extension rggooglemap without success:
> At the backend I get the Google Map module, when I open it, I see only
> the the zoom grid and the Map/Satellite/Hybrid with a pin on an gray field.
> I tried to use search "Taipei" I get the map with the pin and the
> description bubble. I can then navigate to the point, set a pin, get a
> Address New form, fill it out, save/close it and the map is gray again.
> At the frontend there is nothing at all.
> What am I missing?

Am I the only one who try to use this extension?

I tried now to follow the wiki, but still no go!
The best I get is at the backend a gray field with a pin and at the
frontend a white space, with a one line list of the address name I want
to display on the map.



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