[TYPO3-english] Multimedia content elements copies selected files to the uploads/media folder

Søren Madsen sma at cs.au.dk
Wed Dec 10 17:50:21 CET 2008

We have alot of static content in fragment html files. However these  
html files are frequently updated (lists ect.) I'm trying to load  
these by selecting the content element type "multimedia", and then  
select the proper html files. This works great - the content of the  
html files is shown. However - if I change anything the html files,  
these updates aren't loaded, even after a FE cache clear.

After some scrutiny (and great IRC assistance), I found out that this  
is because the files I select from the file explorer, is copied to the  
uploads/media folder - which is not accessible to the file browser.

Is there anyway to keep TYPO3 from copying my html files to the  
uploads/media folder - but instead just leave them where they are, and  
reference them there?

Or do I need a completely different approach to this? (php include or  

Kind regards,
Søren Madsen

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