[TYPO3-english] [TYPO3] 4.2.1 and no click menu

Katja Lampela katja.lampela at lieska.net
Wed Dec 10 11:10:30 CET 2008

Thanks Dmitry,

I checked and deleted empty lines from the localconf.php and some 

Didn't help unfortunately - maybe I should just go through every 

BTW there was always while saving the conf files this danish alert: 
"Scriptet indeholder syntax-fejl. Er du sikker p� at du vil gemme?"

This site is not on my own server where I have no such problems.

phpinfo in install tool gives:
Apache 2.2.3 (Debian)
php 5.2.0-8+etch11
mysql 5.0.32

Unfortunately there seems to be no FireBug yet for FF 3.0.4. I guess I 
have to downgrade my firefox next.


Dmitry Dulepov kirjoitti:
> Hi!
> Katja Lampela wrote:
>> Finally I got back to this site where the problem still exists. And the
>> problem is: no left/right click menu from icons (page icons, content
>> element icons)
> Often this problem means that you have more than one empty line in one of TYPO3 configuration files (sometimes in extensions). These extra lines will make AJAX responses unusable and "disable" click menu. Check in typo3conf/.
> If you have FireBug you can check what AJAX response you get from the TYPO3.

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