[TYPO3] Announcement: RealURL 1.2

Michael Cannon michael-typo3 at cannonbose.com
Fri Nov 30 20:05:56 CET 2007

Autoconf runs only once. As such, backup your current  
realurl_autoconf.php file and then visit your website to get a new  
realurl_autoconf.php file.


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On Nov 27, 2007, at 6:28 AM, Robert Wuergler wrote:


Dmitry Dulepov [typo3] wrote:
> Hello!
> I just released RealURl 1.2 to TER. There are some major changes that
> you should know.
> 1. Added autoconfiguration feature. It works if you install RealURL  
> but
> do not write configuration manually. It will check all domain records
> and all languages and generate configuration. Notice that if you  
> add or
> remove domains/languages, you need to regenerate automatic
> configuration. Details are in the manual.

I upgraded from 1.1.x to 1.2.1, leaving the default unchanged, and
according to the manual a file typo3conf/realurl_autoconf.php should be
generated automatically, right?

After upgrading I did nothing but removing all entries in "Encode cache"
and "Decode cache".

Anything else to do after upgrading?

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