[TYPO3] RealUrl, multidomain, multilanguage, single tree setup 2

Helmut Hummel typo3 at jhpc.de
Fri Nov 30 19:44:01 CET 2007

Hi Dmitry,

Dmitry Dulepov [typo3] schrieb:
> I am skipping the rest. This topic is not really about realurl. What you
> mus understand is that there is a default language (L=0 or not set) and
> non-default. 
> I guess your default language is Slovenian, this is why you
> get all links in Slovenain if you do not specify /en. This would be
> absolutely the same without realurl: if you do not provide L parameters,
> all your links will be in Slovenian.

Well it's possible to configure TYPO3 to show different languages for
different domains:


[globalString = ENV:HTTP_HOST=www.rare-exotic-plants.com]
    config.sys_language_uid = 1
    config.language = en
    config.locale_all = en_EN
    config.htmlTag_langKey = en

No L parameter needed.

But realurl is not aware of such condition and therefore shows the links
in the "wrong" language, although the content is shown in the language
configured for the domain.

lib.salutation = TEXT
lib.salutation.value = Kind regards, Helmut
lib.salutation.lang.de = Viele Grüße, Helmut

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