[TYPO3] RealUrl, multidomain, multilanguage, single tree setup 2

Tomi Hrovatin tomi at tri-ex.si
Fri Nov 30 15:24:09 CET 2007

Hi again,
few months have passed since my last attempt to configure realUrl on
multidomain/multilanguage/single tree setup.

Today I tried new version of realUrl 1.2.1. Unfortunately
without luck (I tried autoconfiguration too).
Please if somebody can tell me if this is even possible?
Of course a solution to the problem would be greatly appreciated.

The problem:
Rewriting for default domain (www.eksotika.si) works perfectly.
The problem is in alternative language - english 
(www.rare-exotic-plants.com). When english default page opens, all links 
on page are using slovene (default) language. ie: 
www.rare-exotic-plants.com/za-zbiratelje.html and after clicking the 
link, the page shown is still english homepage.
All subsequent pages have (almost) correct link ie:
What I'd like to achieve is to have link like this:

I wrote the domains so you can test it yourself! I will leave realurl 
active until monday 30.11. (On english page, only menus are translated!)

It seems that realurl NEEDS the first segment to switch to alternative 
If you try http://www.rare-exotic-plants.com/en , english homepage shows 
like it should.

And another thing I noticed with current setup (details are written at 
the bottom of post): It really matters how I start to browse the pages 
after clearing the cache (by that I mean manually truncate the realurl 
tables and clearing fe cache).
The URLs are different if I start browsing slovene site and then browse 
english site (current behavior) or I browse english site and then 
slovene (nothing works).

So, that's it. I hope I didn't wrote too much :).
Thanks in advance, below is my config.

Tomi Hrovatin

Here's my:
# TS for languages

config.linkVars = L
config.uniqueLinkVars = 1

[globalString = IENV:HTTP_HOST = *eksotika.si]
config {
   sys_language_uid = 0
   locale_all = sl_SI
[globalString = IENV:HTTP_HOST = *rare-exotic-plants.com]
config {
   sys_language_uid = 1
   locale_all = en_US

here's my realurl setup:
$TYPO3_CONF_VARS['EXTCONF']['realurl']['www.eksotika.si'] = array(
     'init' => array (
         'enableCHashCache' => 1,
         'appendMissingSlash' => 'ifNotFile',
		  'rootPageID' =>  2,
         'enableUrlDecodeCache' => true,
         'enableUrlEncodeCache' => true,
			'emptyUrlReturnValue' => true,
     'redirects' => array (
     'pagePath' => array (
         'type' => 'user',
         'userFunc' => 
         'spaceCharacter' => '-',
         'languageGetVar' => 'L',
         'expireDays' => 3,
         'rootpage_id' => 2,
     'fixedPostVars' => array(),
     'postVarSets' => array(
        'fileName' => array (
$TYPO3_CONF_VARS['EXTCONF']['realurl']['www.rare-exotic-plants.com'] = 
= array (
				array (
				  'GETvar' => 'L',
                'valueDefault' => '1',
				  'valueMap' =>
				  array (
					 'en' => '1',

and now the great voodoo:
I just cleared cache. Everything started to behave strange. The urls for 
default page were like www.eksotika.si/1/za-zbiratelje.html (note /1/ 
which should stand for english page - well, sometimes). Then, after few 
retries (clearing/browsing) I managed to get the urls almost like 
described above. (after clearing the cache I first had to browse the 
slovenian pages (default) and only then english page.)
The difference was in english urls:
First hit: www.rare-exotic-plants.com
Second hit ie: click on 'Collector's plants': 
Third hit ie: click on 'Collector's plants': 
As I can see now, this behavior happened only once. Immediately after 
clearing the cache. Now everything works like described above.

Uuauu... this is a long post. :)

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