[TYPO3] Problem with realUrl on iis

Brian Bendtsen nightowl at galnet.dk
Fri Nov 30 08:53:46 CET 2007

Melgior skrev:
> Yeah, sure, no problem. Yust add the following line above the RewriteRule
> statements:
> RewriteCond Host: (?:www\.)?yourdomain\.com
> Please remember that the RewriteCond only applies to the line following to
> the statement, so you'll have to add it to both rewriterules. This line
> works for yourdomain.com, either with or without www. in front of it. If you
> use other subdomains, you'll have to modify the rule to accomodate for this.
> Cheers!
> Melgior.
> Brian Bendtsen-4 wrote:
>> Hi again
>> How do I make it work for a single domain on the webserver? I read that 
>> you can place the httpd.ini file in the root of your site but this 
>> doesnt work.
>> I can only make it work globally but this will crash all sites with real 
>> url's like page.html
>> any hints?
>> /Brian
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So If I use realUrl on sub1.mydomain.com and sub2.mydomain.com I could 
use this:
RewriteCond Host: (?:sub1|sub2\.)?mydomain\.com


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