[TYPO3] timtab caused TV to lose mapping was RE: timtab changed dr_wiki login process

Thomas Kieslich thomas at tk-studio.de
Thu Nov 22 11:30:10 CET 2007

Am Thu, 22 Nov 2007 20:19:23 +1000 schrieb Cate & Peter:

> Hi Dmitry
>> You can disable admin panel with TS. Please, do that. If you want to find
> if timtab
>> enables admin panel, you can do it with Template Analyzer.
> :) that was the weird thing ... I already had it disabled in my TS template,
> but it still showed. I actually had to change it in the extension.
>> timtab does not remove TV mapping, I am absolutely certain on it.
> Yes, well, all I know is that everything was nicely mapped in tv and working
> ... I had a page open and everything ... installed timtab, tried to go to
> another page in my wiki to find that there was no content ... a bit of
> troubleshooting helped me find out that in fact the page that I was on, the
> content had disappeared ... :) Literally - I did nothing else in between.
> I uninstalled timtab, fixed my tv template, and tried timtab one more time,
> and this time the mapping stayed.
> So what else happened at the exact same time I installed timtab, I have no
> idea.
> Cate

Hi Cate
If you use TV its better to build your own Template instead of Kubric. I
try it out and its not to difficult. Kubric work with Markers, in TV its
better to work with libs like this.

    20 < temp.latest
    21 < temp.categories
    22 < temp.search
    //23 < temp.calendar
    23 < temp.archives
  //24 < temp.latestComments
    24 < temp.commentTeaser
  //24 < temp.archives
  //25 < temp.blogRoll

working Example


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