[TYPO3] [TYPO3-dev] Good news: First decrease of no_cache parameter on google

Elmar Hinz elmar07 at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 22 10:22:09 CET 2007


the good news first:

I measured google hits for no_cache=1 in april, next time in Juli. The
amount of hits has been rapidly increasing. Today you can observe a
shrinking number of hits. 

   April 2007 — Juli 2007 —  Nov 2007 

A: 2.050.000 — 2.550.000  —  2.310.000
B: 1.650.000 — 2.460.000  —  2.280.000

A: (google.de: "no_cache=1")
B: (google.de: inurl:"no_cache=1")

The bad news:

Known bugs of key extensions that are mainly responsible for this sitution
have not been fixed during this time:

* kickstarter

The SVN version still generates new extensions with forms making use the
no_cache parameter.

* tt_news

There are still several places in the code that set the no_cache parameter.

Dispite of the bad news, the awareness of developers to avoid the no_cache
parameter seems to have grown a lot.

Or is the a market share of T3 simply shrinking?



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