[TYPO3] Bullets active in menu level 0, when opening menu level 1 or 2 ??

Peter Søholm ps at webmasters.dk
Thu Nov 22 09:24:27 CET 2007

Ive made my menu structure as following.

Menu Level 0 = 4 shortcuts to menu points in level 1 and 2.
Each shortcut has a bullet icon in front.

Now.. How do i get my shortcut bullet icons to change (red to green), 
when i press my shortcut menu and it opens !?

Its works fine with normal (standard) pages.. Because they stay in their 
"own" level. But when I press the shortcut link it jumps over in another
level (1 or 2) and therefore its not using the setup settings for menu 
level one anymore.

Can someone help me !??

Peter S.

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