[TYPO3] Directmail detected as spam

Jeroen Visser jeroen at roquin.nl
Thu Nov 22 08:47:33 CET 2007

Hi Stan,
Compare the mail headers from your last (spam) mail with the ones you 
used to send before. If needed try to change the headers in the new mail 
to the old ones. Further more, see how quick everything is mailed. Many 
providers make messages Spam when there are more than 10 mails p/s 
coming from one ip. These are just some thoughts.


sd at ixnl.com wrote:
> Hi
> Just got Directmail going - lovely.
> I sent out the new mail to all in the list (all registered users to the site)
> A lot of them come from one provider, but now this provider is bouncing all mails I send to users saying SPAM DETECTED.
> How do I resolve this, or can I?
> I need to get UNSPAMMED from them and want to make sure it doesn't happen with other providers etc? How?.
> Is there a way, or should I just go back to mailman which I was using for years without any problem.
> I am sooo unhappy ;(
> Regards Stan

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